The piece is realized by Lukas Truniger, Itamar Bergfreund and Bruce Yoder and was awarded with a Burning Man 2018 Honoraria art grant.
We work in close collaboration with a team of artists, creators and innovators from Lille, Zürich, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Amongst others:
Adelle Lin, Sophi Kravitz, Marie Leloche, Chloe Taverregniet, Matt Pinner, Ollie Tanner, Matt Drews, Michelle O’Brian, Maya Chelmis and many more.
During Burning Man 2018, we were supported by the Cypher camp.


Lukas Truniger is a media artist and musician. Born in Zurich, he lives and works in Lille in Northern France. He develops art installations, musical instruments and performances with a strong interest in the potential of machine made experiences challenging the modalities of our perception. His work has been shown worldwide in the framework of renown festivals and exhibitions.

Itamar Bergfreund is an architect and urban developer by training. His interest and curiosity lie in the harmonious coexistence of humans. Born to Israeli parents and raised in Zurich he speaks five different languages and is currently working as a real estate consultant.

Bruce Yoder is fascinated by people. He sees poetry in life, with juxtaposition and impermanence being of particular interest. He was born and raised Mennonite in the Midwest of the United States. Currently, he teaches and does research in physical chemistry at the the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.