Project Description

A series of clouds is generated by a machine-like sculpture. They appear, float over the surrounding environment and then dissolve into thin air again. The relocalization of this instant of natural beauty evokes a surreal experience.

The installation forms a juxtaposition of a metallic structure and synthetic imitations of clouds. This supposed contrast between human technology and nature is explored in a space of unseen possibilities for symbiosis.

The metallic structure of the piece sits on a open surface. Suddenly, a cloud emerges in the center of this sculptural object. The wind comes into play, shaping the cloud and driving it towards the horizon. From a distance, a series of clouds can be observed floating in the same direction in oddly repetitive patterns – as if they were an encoded message.

Approaching the installation at night gives a whole different impression: patterns of light are moved around by the gusts of wind inside the geometric shapes of the piece. A cloud appears in the middle and follows the direction of the moving light paths. Passing through the sculpture, it is being lit up from inside with different colors revealing yet unthought aspects of these fleeting phenomena of nature.